Our shipping and packaging materials are 100% eco-friendly! From recycled business cards to biodegradable mailers, we continue to strive to become more environmentally conscious and aware of our impact on the nature of our home.

The following is what we use to personalize your purchase while staying plastic free: 


Recycled padded mailers

The shipping mailers that we use are made by EcoEnclose + are 100% recycled + compostable and is made from 20% post-consumer content. These boxes are all manufactured domestically in the United States. They are also 100% recyclable + biodegradable so please reuse them!! 

Sustainable tissue paper

Our tissue paper is made by noissue + are FSC-certified! It is made from 30% recycled materials + 70% new acid-free pulp (acid-free paper + soy-based inks). This makes it more environmentally-friendly to recycle + reuse!

Recycled business cards, thank you cards, + jewelry cards

Our business, thank you, + jewelry cards are made by Moo! We specifically get the cotton cards because they are made from 100% recycled t-shirt scraps. You can learn more about the process here!

Jewelry pouches

For storing your jewelry pieces, we often include a natural, unbleached cotton pouch which are also chemical + fragrance free! These are great to reuse + store other small items!

Water activated tape

We use water-activated tape from EcoEnclose to ensure that your packages are heavily protected (tamper resistant + strong seal) while continuing to be sustainable. It is made with 50% recycled content + is biodegradable!

Recycled yarn

Our decorative yarn is 100% recycled cotton made from old clothes + textile waste. No dyes or chemicals are used during this process! 

Recycled shipping labels

The shipping labels we use are from EcoEnclose! They are made from 100% post-consumer waste + are also recyclable.