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Jewelry FAQs

All of our jewelry pieces are carefully handcrafted and is safe for sensitive skin. We focus on gold filled metals in order to ensure that your new jewelry will last as long as possible with the proper care!


What is 14k gold filled and how is it different from gold plated?

"Gold-filled" is legally required to be 5% or 1/20 pure gold by weight. The process of gold-filled metals involves heat and pressure bonding layers of gold to a base metal, which is usually jeweler's brass. On the contrary, gold plated jewelry contains only 0.05% or less pure gold and is only a very thin layer, not bonded like gold-filled metal. Gold-filled jewelry has at least 100 times more gold than gold plated jewelry. With this being said, gold-filled jewelry is much higher quality than gold plated jewelry and is a much affordable, quality alternative to solid gold jewelry.

How long does gold-filled last? Does it tarnish?

Gold-filled jewelry can last up to years but the actual longevity will depend on how you care for your pieces along with other lifestyle factors.

Will it turn my skin green?

No. Although there are very rare circumstances that this does occur, this happens to a few people in which their body chemistry will react to gold filled metals. 

Can I wear it in the water?

We personally have worn (and still wear) gold-filled jewelry in the shower (and sometimes to the beach) and our pieces still have maintained it's quality and color throughout the years and months. However, we do recommend taking it off before going into the ocean or pool. If not, we highly suggest washing your pieces right away with mild soap and warm water. 

Can I sleep in my gold-filled jewelry?

Sleeping with your jewelry will not damage the surface or color. However, we recommend taking your jewelry off before bed to avoid getting them tangled or snagged onto any fabrics. 

Is there anything else I should avoid?

Yes. Try to keep your jewelry away from any harsh chemicals. This includes perfumes, hairspray, lotion, etc. With improper care, your jewelry is more susceptible to tarnishing (this goes for ANY type of jewelry, including gold-filled). 

Can I wear gold-filled if I have sensitive skin?

Yes!! Gold-filled jewelry includes solid gold in the piece itself so it has the same hypoallergenic properties if you do not have any negative reactions to solid gold jewelry.

How do I clean and take care of gold-filled jewelry?

We recommend washing your pieces every so often with mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth to dry. We also have polishing cloths if you really need to shine your pieces up. When your jewelry is not being worn, make sure to store your jewelry in a safe, dry, and sealed place such as a jewelry box or pouch. 


PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for any improper care, misuse, broken, or lost jewelry after it is purchased.